Sponsorship Options

Sponsor Levels & Benefits

The Applied Net Sponsor Program recognizes organizations that invest in the conference at a higher level ($25,000 and up). Choose the exhibit and sponsorship options that meet your company’s marketing goals and automatically get high-impact brand visibility. Download the Sponsor Contract Application to learn more. 


Vendor Session  

$25,000 | 8 Available

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A 60-minute exclusive opportunity to showcase your company, unveil a new product, or highlight the unique features of your solutions to Applied Net attendees. 

Panel Presentation  

$15,000 | 3 Available

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Showcase your company as a leader in a 60-minute "Industry Landscape" panel at Applied Net, featuring fellow sponsors and an Applied Net-selected moderator. 

Live Promo Sponsorship 

$7,500 | 5 Available 

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Record live attendee testimonials and positive feedback on-site at ACN24 with our professional videographer. 

  • ACN will share the video on social media, tagging your company 
  • Videos will be no more than two (2) minutes 
  • ACN will post the quick video on all social media channels 
  • Sponsor retains the rights to utilize the video for marketing 
  • Timing will be confirmed with the videographer 

Brand Awareness

73% of attendees rated ANET23 swag as very good or excellent!

Conference App Sponsor  

$35,000 | Exclusive 

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Elevate your presence by sponsoring the official ACN24 app. Sponsor receives their logo on the splash page and two (2) push notifications during Applied Net. 

Guest Room Key Card Sponsorship 

$30,000 | Exclusive 

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Guest room key card and envelopes that will be seen by all attendees checking in at the resort will include your company's message. 

Conference Attendee Registration Bags 

$25,000 | Exclusive 

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Each attendee receives a complimentary bag featuring your company logo and ACN24 branding upon registration, keeping your company top of mind for all attendees during the conference. 

Conference Attendee T-Shirts  

$25,000 | Exclusive 

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Applied Net attendees will receive an Applied Net T-Shirt upon check in to the conference.   

Conference Attendee Journal 

$22,000 | Exclusive 

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Give attendees a place to take notes in sessions. 

Conference Attendee Water Bottle 

$20,000 | Exclusive 

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Promote your brand and decrease waste at ACN24 by sponsoring each water bottle included in registration bags as well as signage at drinking and refill stations. In addition, your logo will be included on any supplementary bottled water provided at the event. 

Headshot Lounge 

$20,000 | Exclusive 

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Sponsor a station where attendees can receive professional headshots onsite. This package includes a photographer and promotes the sponsor through Informational packets for attendees taking headshots and recognition in all communications and signage for the headshot lounge. 

 Wi-Fi Sponsor  

$20,000 | Exclusive 

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Keep attendees connected at ACN24! This partnership includes your company logo on Wi-Fi signage and company logo and hyperlink on the wireless launch page.

Ribbon Kiosk Sponsorship  

$12,000 | SOLD OUT 

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After getting their badges upon registration, attendees will receive ribbons for their badges to help describe themselves to fellow attendees at the ribbon kiosk. Sponsor this station to receive exposure to every attendee and the opportunity to provide your own ribbon.   

Electronic Agendas  

$9,000 | 3 Available

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Applied Net will have three (3) display monitors around the conference for attendees to view upcoming sessions and full schedule. Sponsors will have the opportunity for branding and their message to appear on the screen. 

Conference Attendee Pens Sponsor

$9,000 | Exclusive 

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Have your logo on the pens distributed at ACN24 registration. Attendees will use these pens at the event and beyond giving your company maximum exposure. This sponsorship is subject to Applied Net approval and co-branded with the Applied Net logo. 

Coffee Break Sponsor  

$9,000 | 6 Available 

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Sponsor the coffee stations during a break between education sessions. Sponsor can provide coffee collars or other complimentary item in addition to signage at coffee station.  

Conference Registration Bag Insert  


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Place your company's one-page promotional material inside the bags that attendees carry throughout the conference. Sponsor must provide materials. Applied Net will confirm final quantity. Content subject to Applied Net Approval.  

Attendee Networking

Show Floor Reception Lounge 

$35,000 | Exclusive 

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Sponsor one of the lounges on the show floor where attendees can relax and network during the open Applied Net Exchange hours and receptions. Lounges will be furnished with couches, coffee table, chairs, and a specialty bar during receptions. 

Private Opening Reception  

$20,000 | 2 Available

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Invite your customers to a private reception room provided by your company. Applied Net will work with you on the invitation list for registered attendees. Reception will include directional signage for invited attendees. *F&B not included; no AV included 

Private Meeting Space Sponsor  

$20,000 | 4 Available 

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Tailor a unique experience for your customers by hosting customer meetings in your own private room during ACN24.  

4 rooms available Monday through Wednesday. Capacity 12 to 25 depending on size of available rooms. First come first served. 

*F&B not included; AV not included 

Breakfast Table Sponsor  


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Reserve up to two (2) tables during breakfast stationed off from other attendees so you can invite agents and brokers to meet. This is a great way to say thank you to your agents and brokers or meet with prospects.  

Booth Traffic Drivers

Specialty Cocktail Bar 

$18,000 | 4 Available Per Reception 

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Have a specialty cocktail served near your booth during one of the receptions. This package includes the drink, branded napkins, and signage. Sponsors can provide a branded item (such as a glass, koozie, stirrer). First come, first serve for choice of reception and specialty cocktail drink. 

*Placement of bar to be confirmed post space selection.

In-Booth Food & Beverage


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Be one of the exhibitors during the daytime exhibit or evening receptions on the show floor to offer a tasty snack or beverage. This requires that each sponsor provide at least 250 servings of their chosen item. *Sponsorship only allows for non-alcoholic beverage items. Any food or beverage item handed out from an exhibitor’s booth that is not purchased through the center is subject to corkage fees. Any food or beverage items given out at your booth that exceeds 250 items will require sponsorship from Applied Net. 

Passport to Prizes  


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To complete their passport, attendees have to stop by each participating booth in the Passport to Prizes raffle. Sponsor to provide prize. 

EZLynx & Ivans Sponsorship

Custom Sponsorships Available!

Interested in a sponsorship not shown?

Here are a few ideas that we'd be happy to work with you on and can confirm pricing as part of this: Water-Infusion Station, Yoga Break, CSR Initiatives, Swag Vending Machines, Pop Sockets, and more. Get in touch for details.